The popular initiative has the following content:

The Constitution1 is to be modified as follows:

Art. 74, al. 2bis
2bis The use of any synthetic pesticide in agriculture, in the transformation of agricultural products and in the maintenance of fields is forbidden. The import for commercial purposes of food itself containing synthetic pesticides or for which synthetic pesticides were used during its production is forbidden.

Art. 197, ch. 122
12. Transitional provision of article 74, al. 2bis

1 The implementing legislation pertaining to article 74, al. 2bis,shall enter into force within ten years from the acceptance of this provision by the people and the cantons.

2 The Federal Council provisionally announces the necessary provisions for implementation by means of an ordinance ensuring the progressive application of Art. 74, al. 2bis.

3 As long as article 74, al. 2bis, is not totally put in force, the Federal Council may provisionally authorize unprocessed food containing synthetic pesticides or food produced using synthetic pesticides only if they are essential to resist fundamental threats to humans or nature, includinga serious shortage or exceptional threat to agriculture, nature or humans.

1 RS 101
2 The final numbering of this transitional provision will be fixed by the Federal Chancellery after the election.